Job was given a succession of Mondays and not just any Mondays, the mother of all Mondays. His reaction? Not what you would expect.

Job 9:27 If I say, ‘I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile.

The fact that I chose this verse weeks ago not realizing it would post on a Monday, in and of itself makes me smile. Just goes to show that God has a plan and it includes our happiness. The thing is this quote comes from a guy named Job. You may remember Job, away from home, multiple messengers, servants killed, livestock killed, and family killed, later covered with boils? Yeah, that guy. If anyone had a legitimate reason to say, “Look, God, why me?” it was Job. But Job didn’t do that, instead he asked the question, “What if I just forget the awful stuff that’s happened to me, change the way it’s made me look and smile?” What if?

What if, just on a whim, a lark, for the heck of it, we took all the dreck that seems to have attached itself to us, cast it aside and brightened up? What would happen? Would our world, the universe, our social circle or anywhere else we operate suddenly be thrown out of whack because we didn’t appear the way the world says we should? Would there be whispers behind our back, “Watch out for Jim, he DOES NOT act sour when life throws him a curveball”? I mean really, what would happen? Would people question our sanity? Resent us? Wonder what we knew that they didn’t?

You see, God knew Job and he knew the depth of his faith and he probably knew Job was at some point going to say “What if”. My prayer for you today is that you look at all the stuff that’s getting you down, that’s making your Monday a MONDAY and ask the same question.

Consider how God is at work in your life and then consider your sufferings. How is God calling you to respond to your complaints? 


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