Marv Heckman would be so proud Here’s what we’re talking about today: Philippians 2: 1-5

Back in the dark ages when dinosaurs walked the earth I took an Advanced Math class in high school. I remember very little from these days aside from the fact that fire was a new trend we thought would never last. However, I do remember trigonometry was hard and if/then statements programming in Basic computer language. Ah, the If/Then statement!

We thought it was so new but we failed to realize if/then had been around since bullies roamed the school yard: “If you don’t give me your milk money, then I’m going to pound you!” Turns out they weren’t even the first to use it. Paul sets up a bunch of if/thens above that can only be answered with, “Well, duh!” (again a flashback to my high school days). What he says just makes sense.

His letter to the Philippians asks a bunch of questions that can and should only be answered with a resounding yes and he makes the closing “then” statement as well as any vacuum cleaner salesman ever did. Socrates would be proud. It’s a little funny that he has to “sell” this idea but remember these were the early days of the church and the things he urges them NOT to do would have been by far their stronger inclination. He’s talking about changing attitudes. Today it’s not really much different.

We’ve come a long way from dinosaurs and Basic programming but human nature still struggles with the same old bugaboos we did right after Jesus lived. I imagine it’ll always be the same but then again so will the church and the teachings of Jesus and thankfully, the love, forgiveness and grace of our Father. My wish for you this week is as you encounter the inclinations of your humanity to go the wrong way, ask yourself some simple if/then questions. I hope you’ll be convinced to go the right way. God bless.

The longer I’m here the more I realize how life strings along as a bunch of choices. I imagine you have at least as many as I do. I hope you’ll share this with someone you know that’s maybe a little overrun with them and it will give them some comfort.

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