We probably don’t realize what we’re fashioning every day. Here’s what I’m talking about today: Exodus 20: 1-6

If you asked somebody if they’d ever thought about going out into their garage and building some sort of god or idol to ultimately worship I think they’d look at you funny.

I think if you suggested that they join you in front of this really cool statue that you had decided to serve and bow down before it they might be a little concerned for your mental health.

So, likewise, when we read what God said to His people above I think most of us sort of shrug and smile and chuckle a little and at least say to ourselves, “Yeah, I’d never do that.” And we are the biggest liars in the book.

Because while it’s true we aren’t out there carving stone into an idol circa “The Brady Bunch” (remember that one in Hawaii with Vincent Price?) and devoting ourselves to it, we’re devoting ourselves to all kinds of other stuff. And not on a once a week basis either, every day.

We are tied to social media. We worship at the altar of popularity or acceptance or status. We put so many things first before our God it makes my head spin. We have given in to or constructed in our minds and in our hearts a bunch of rules or measuring points that don’t have a thing to do with God. So, about now you can see me banging the pulpit, can’t you? Here comes the fire and brimstone! But it’s not really that.

This is just one guy’s opinion but I don’t really think God wants me to give up my smartphone. I don’t think he wants me to make myself unpopular or alienated or not do well. I just think he’s saying, “Hey, make me first. I come first. I’ve earned it. You’ll do much better with me first and oh yeah, I love you!”

When I think about it, I think I can do that.

I guess I don’t figure God is looking for huge things from me. But what he does ask for there’s no negotiation on it. He wants to be at the top of my list. I know I get sidetracked sometimes on this simple point. Maybe you do too or maybe you know someone who does. If this might help get them back on track, please share it.

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