Uncertainty and the unknown are part of every beginning.

I have to admit I don’t remember anything from my first year here on earth.  I guess I began life like most of us do.  I’m told I was a good baby.  I didn’t have colic and slept through the night reasonably well.  Little did any of us know how much that would change.

Change was the name of the game back then though, even if I wasn’t aware.  I grew and got bigger.  I suppose happy for me in those days was a full tummy and a dry diaper (have to wonder if I’m not going to revert to that someday).  It was fairly simple stuff.  I was carried (literally) by those that knew better than me what was best.  I don’t know that we ever quit relying on people, or should.

No, that first year was all about what was to come.  It’s a little like beginning these rides.  One mile is literally next to nothing when you’re talking about doing it on a road bike.  It’s almost ridiculous but you have to start somewhere and based on my level of fitness and ability (kind of like back then) one mile is probably best.  I know big changes are coming.

When I was one I’m sure my folks knew that too.  I’m sure they knew there would be new and different things every day, kind of like how these bike rides progress and while some things stay the same (saddling up, setting the Map My Ride to start) a lot will change.  At first the change is going to be drastic but also a little deceiving.

If I told you I was going to ride twice as far tomorrow as I did today you’d probably think that was huge; until I told you I rode one mile today.  It’s all about your frame of reference; sort of like parenting.  Sometimes it’s skewed and we expect too much and doom ourselves to frustration, or we expect too little and limit our growth to much less than it should be.  It seems like the better approach might be to remain open to the possibilities but not shackled by expectations.  Again, kind of like these rides.

I’m sure some of them are going to suck and sometimes I just really won’t want to get on the bike.  I don’t always like being a parent either.  Sometimes being an adult seems like such a drag but I do it for the kids just like I get on the bike for my health.  Adding a mile a day at first may seem like a lot, just like becoming a parent, especially for the first time.  But once you get the hang of it, once you’re into the process and on the ride, it can really be the best part of your day; heck the best part of your life.  So push through.  It’s worth it.  The rewards will come.  I promise.

Beginnings can be tough, scary, intimidating and exhilarating all at once.  You don’t know what’s around the next corner or how you’ll cope.  Still, the adventure is well worth it.  If you know someone who’s beginning something new I hope you’ll share this.

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