It’s a little kooky how we avoid the one sure thing.

“It never hurts to ask.”  How many times have you heard that?  What a bunch of baloney!  Ever asked someone to dance and they said no?  Ever asked someone to help you out on a committee and they said they just didn’t have the time?  Ever pursued a client for weeks or months only to get turned down when you ask for the sale?  It never hurts to ask?  Think again.  But wait you say, it’s not the asking, it’s the response that hurts.  You know, you’re right.

It’s the rejection or getting something other than what you wanted that hurts.  But it’s not that way with everything according to a guy named Matthew.

According to him all we have to do is ask, seek and knock and what we want, what we’re looking for and where we want to enter into will open up for us.  That’s nearly impossible to top, isn’t it?  So why don’t we do those things?

Perhaps the world has taught us differently.  Maybe we’ve been rejected and put off so many times in the past that we’ve given up asking.  It could be we’ve found that despite all our best efforts when we look for acceptance and approval it just doesn’t happen.  But we’re not talking about another person here and this isn’t the world we live in every day.  Nope, this is much better.

Our Father has a love and devotion to what we are looking for like none other.  He wants the best for us and he’s eager to provide whatever we need.  He’s not Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy or some cosmic Powerball number but he can and will give us what we truly need.

We just need to come to him and ask; look for what is right and good in our lives and request to come into his kingdom.  He has the power and the willingness to do the rest.

I think we apply too much of this world and our experiences in it to our spiritual relationships and faith.  That’s not to say I blame anyone.  I do the same thing.  We’re conditioned that way.  Here’s hoping today you break out of that m.o. and that you’ll share this a friend that needs to do it too.

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