A couple of tough words to play out unless…

Absolutes are a tough thing to find these days.  It seems like every perceived moral and ethical person has some skeleton in their closet.  “Never say never” is a part of our social lexicon because “always” and “forever” just don’t seem possible.  And why should they?  We’re all flawed individuals.  Perfection just isn’t in the cards for us and never has been (see Adam & Eve).  Similarly, beginning fresh every day isn’t something we can sustain either.

Try as we might we can’t make ourselves forget what happened in the past.  It’s one of the foibles of being human.  “Forgive and forget” is another popular cliché and one wherein we struggle to do both.  No matter how close we can get to truly forgiving someone it’s just not possible to wipe our memories clean of what someone did or said, especially when we feel we’ve been wronged.   This is us, we are human.  “Never” and “refresh” just aren’t possible but thankfully they are for our God and it says so here.

Our God’s love never ends; never.  His love stretches on through our life here on earth and in his kingdom for eternity.  And I haven’t seen eternity but I’m told it goes on quite a ways.  His mercies are more of the same and we need it.

As noted above, we’re a deeply imperfect bunch.  We seem to have the capacity for messing up in spades.  In fact, some might say it’s what we do best.  I know I’m no different.  I’ve been accused of lying awake at night dreaming up ways to make mistakes.  Sometimes I believe that must be true.  God’s mercy to forgive our vast slip-ups is needed and necessary and we are oh so blessed to receive it.  The best part is that all of this comes without a scorecard.

God’s mercies refresh every morning (maybe to keep up with the stuff we dreamed up the night before).  There’s no 5-mercy-limit per day or 35-mercy-limit per week and thank God for that.  No, His boundless love for us and his grace to show us mercy operate without quota.  What we did in the past is gone and forgotten in a way we can’t mimic and will be so forever.  Thank God that “never” and “refresh” are cornerstones for our Father.

Every week I look at a verse from the good book and try to apply it to what we’re all doing today.  Sometimes it really fits and sometimes the concept blows us out of the water like this one here.  In this case, we all ought to be thankful it does.

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