“Evans, you really have to go into further detail with us on this, it’s just not coming out correctly on the A59.”

“I know, Bill, we’re an outlier to be sure, but look at the ROI.”

“I have, Stan, and it’s skewed six ways to Sunday too.”

“Well, if you move line 32 over to line 26 and divide by line 12 instead of 14 it makes more sense.”

“But we can’t do that, Stan.  The VP’s look at this segment just like they do the rest of them and when they see -6% they go off into la-la land.”

“Can’t we just explain to them, Bill that our history is stronger than any other line, our market share is out of this world and nine years out of ten we blow everyone else out of the water with our profitability?”

“I’ll try to Stan but I can’t guarantee anything.  If we get some ramrod in there and we have that tenth year out of ten he’s liable to look at the dwindling dollars along with the poor profitability for that year and say, ‘Off with their heads.’”

“I get it, Bill.  Our industry is shrinking and through no fault of our own probably, someday, we’ll be too small for the company to keep us around but until then, we’re dying as fast as we can.”

“Okay, Stan.  Pleasure talking to you as always, we’ll stay in touch on any developments.”

“I appreciate that, Bill.  We still have 36 of us out here depending on this business for our livelihood.  If it’s going to go away sometime soon I’d appreciate the heads up.”

You may have heard the saying, ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’ well, corporations abhor an outlier.  Consistency and fitting in the box so everything can be compared on a level playing field is what they strive for.  It’s just easier that way.

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