Be assured, you’ll get there, that’s a promise

Acts 2:39  The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

During the summer I enjoy riding my bicycle on tours across and around my state, sometimes weeks at a time.  I find the solitude and simplicity of pedaling through the countryside with just the wind and nature to keep me company a quiet and relaxing change from a day-to-day life that always seems to become hectic no matter what I do.

I also find that as I’m riding I become closer to God as I distance myself from everything I’m familiar with in my life.  Distance, as I travel down the road, can be a funny thing.  Take the small towns I ride through as an example.

Out here where things are flat I can see a town from a very long way away.  As I pedal along I often think that very soon I’ll be riding through that town but often my progress doesn’t match my expectations.  Still, I can see it in the distance.  I’m getting closer and eventually I’ll arrive.

That’s the promise Peter is talking about here.  We are called by God, whether we’re right where we need to be or whether we’re far off and might take more time than we’d like to get where we need to be.  The promise has been made, we are called and we will get there.

I hope you like this shorter devotional.  I’m trying to make these a little quicker read as I’m submitting them to the Upper Room at present.

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