The End

When it gets right down to it, we never know.

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Stepping out on my Own

I’m setting myself adrift on memory bliss (listen at your own peril, it’s catchy)

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Hugs, Holding on and knowing why you’re Here

With my hands full of pillow, my arms full of child and my heart full of love I struggled to the door. It had been another long road trip back home from seeing family.

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Being asked to Zig when the World says Zag

It’s a real counter-cultural thing that Paul writes about.

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Christmas 2016

The thing is punctuation instructs us, it keeps us in line and lets us know where to stop, pause, be excited and know when the author’s adding his commentary. So with that said, here’s the 2016 Giffin Christmas punctuation.

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Welcome to my blog. I’m so happy you’re here.

I am a writer. For many years my dream of sharing my writing with others was just that, a dream. Most of my writing was just in my head. Now, I have finally made it a reality. The stories here are my experiences, observations and thoughts accumulated over the past 40 or so years.

I have always searched for life’s meaning, purpose and truth. I believe all of those things exist in everyday events if we’ll just look for them. I know I’ve always done that. My hope is that here I’ll help others recognize and realize life’s lessons through my observations.

These are my stories but I believe we all have our own stories to tell. I believe every day we’re telling ourselves a story. I hope my writing helps you form yours. I think your story is magnificent and real and meaningful, just like you.

I believe there’s value in everything we experience but it’s up to us to find it. The tendency of the busyness we all experience is to cover up the beauty of our lives. It’s my intention to inspire and help you examine your life, to open your eyes to its richness and its lessons.

I am glad you’ve come here to take this journey with me.

-Doug Giffin