Paul has some pretty good advice about love for somebody I suppose. 

Romans 12: 9-10 9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. 

Paul’s letter to the Romans doesn’t particularly break any new ground on the subject of love. It looks like sincerity, devotion and honor are pretty important. Holding on to love sort of goes without saying, doesn’t it? I mean who pushes someone away that loves them? No one right? Unless they’re being demanding or abrasive or pushy or really challenging us to grow or something; then they sort of have to expect it. I mean, really.

Then there’s the whole putting someone else above our own selves. I think the term is “selfless” although I’m not sure. I’d give you a real-world example but I’m sort of drawing a blank here. Let’s be real, in today’s society with competition being what it is and the pressures to perform sometimes to really love someone you have to put yourself first. How is a person supposed to love someone if they always putting their own needs second? That’s just a recipe for resentment if you ask me.

Devotion though, devotion to those you love is essential, unless it’s suffocating of course. Then it’s just a total non-starter. It’s really a little like clingy, which no one wants. Who wants someone that’s that needy am I right? I can’t be all that all the time for just that one person. Who can? There are other things, other people and other demands out there that make it impossible to be 100% devoted to someone. 100%? That’s all the time! Who needs the pressure?

Still, Paul’s advice to the Romans was good for them back then. It has some good goals and guidelines and things to shoot for, I just don’t know that it really fits today. I’m not saying it’s not good; it is. I’m just being as real and sincere as I can possibly be here.

Clearly I’m having a little fun with Paul’s recommendations to the Romans. Still, we tell ourselves lies about love all the time don’t we? What do you think the most common ones are and what justifications do we use to explain why we don’t or can’t love?

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