Getting over, around or through what seems to block our path requires resolve.

I’m almost certain I’ve confessed to being a person who needs validation and one who is impatient before here in my blog. On the one hand I don’t think that makes me terribly different from others and on the other hand I’m not terribly satisfied that I continue on with those characteristics. Please don’t misunderstand I’m not saying that I hold others in any less regard because they might show these same tendencies. Rather, I think that both are part of being human. I just wish sometimes they weren’t as large a part of my jam as they seem to be. My writing, as an essential part of who I am, is touched by both of these.

As much as I would like to deny it, I crave the proof, the verification I suppose, that what I’m doing is having an impact. I’m not talking changing lives here, merely putting forth ideas and thoughts that spur the same in my readers. I understand that everyone won’t agree with what I have to say and I also get it that some surely won’t feel as passionate about or maybe feel anything about what I discuss. That’s cool. I count it as a positive that what I say may even be opposed or at least discounted by those that read it. To not make waves or elicit a response is failure without a doubt. I feel we’re all on a journey through life and no two paths are the same, however I sometimes find myself chomping at the bit trying to move down my path faster than it seems the world wants to take me.

Frustration is, I’m afraid, part of the game of life. Ask anyone who’s ever seen me try and fix something or figure out a mechanical problem and you’ll get an, “Oh, yeah. Sometimes he completely loses his mind.” Most recently I had a tussle with a garage door opener. Unfortunately my daughter was there to see me in action as I entered round 312 of a bout that as far as I could see was scheduled for infinity. As I sweated and grumbled and yes, cursed under my breath (I know, I know I said I was quitting cussing) I’m sure Maddie wondered which set of Martians had spirited away her dad and left this thing in his place. She tried to help (I wouldn’t let her). She tried to suggest options (I explained there weren’t any). My assessment of the situation was that the motor was fried and we would have to buy a new one at the 13th hour as we tried to vacate the house so the new owners could do their walk-through. Oh, did I forget to mention that little fact? So, to completely overstate the obvious, I had lost all patience. Enter my son Nate who, despite my epithets to the contrary, thought the unit wasn’t ruined. Within a matter of minutes after getting the same results I had, he surmised that someone (I have no idea who it could be) had connected two contradictory wires together that made the opener not want to close the door. Once those were disjoined and re-connected correctly it worked like a champ. Thank goodness the fix-it gene only skipped me and wasn’t lost entirely on my offspring! So what’s this have to do with my writing you’re wondering? I thought you’d never ask.

Wrapped up in the whole validation thing is my desire to progress along the blogpost path to bookville. Yeah, I know that’s cheesy but just bear with me. It’s always been a dream of mine to publish a book. Having been at this blogging thing for a little over six months I’m getting impatient to work closer to that goal. My difficulty is that up to this point however although the garage door seems to be fine it’s not making the desired travel down the rails to the closed position. It starts going that way then for some unknown, unseen reason it stops and comes back up. Try as I might I just can’t seem to get it to go. Somewhere, I’m convinced, some wires are crossed.

Whether it’s a fear of the unknown or an ignorance of the problem that I just can’t see, my desires to write a book have been unrealized. This Thursday I’m resolving to fix that problem. I may not be very good with a wrench or a screwdriver (truth be told my favorite weapon, uh tool, is the hammer) but I can read and I believe I can write. Putting a book together is just a matter of educating me on the process and doing the work. I have some good ideas, none of which have to do with home improvement or DIY projects; I just need a plan to accomplish this goal and the resolve to stick with it. I’ll keep you informed along the way and I may even ask for your input. I would be honored to accept your suggestions. Just like that opener, I can use the help.

I’m fairly certain we’ve all had (or still have) something that we just can’t seem to get past. It may not be books or garage door openers but it’s something. I hope this helped move you closer to resolving to conquer whatever it is that seems smack dab in your way. If you know someone that could use some encouragement also, please pass this along. Just don’t call me for help if it’s a fix-it problem.

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