Merry Christmas everybody!

Don’t you just hate form letters and don’t you just hate those stupid Christmas newsletters?  Well you’re not going to hate this one, that’s an order.  As you all know or should anyway, we are married now and graduated from college. Even though I can’t type or figure out the typewriter, we are both out. You’ve heard of people like us that fall through the cracks in the system? Well this was a chasm. We live in G.I. now, hence the return address on the back. Use the address, write early and often, it ain’t no Lincoln. That means were bored. Brandie is moving up the corporate ladder and I am, of course, holding it steady for her. Make those big bucks honey! I’m very supportive. I’m still farming with my dad but I am looking for employment in either the food service or janitorial industries. Don’t laugh, that’s all there is in G.I. The apt is shaping up nicely. We finally bought some couches, actually the place looks rather Christmasy. The world’s most crooked Christmas tree is standing probably in the corner.  I guess the old saying “twisted things for twisted minds” really does hold true. Isn’t that an old saying? For all you fans, the ‘stang wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Though this is normally a joyous season I feel it my duty to inform you of a tragedy in our happy little family. Yes, the worst has happened, Butthead is dead. He was always a faithful fish and I know that we will all miss him greatly but take solace in the fact that he is now in that great unclouded fishbowl in the sky. I’m truly sorry that you could not all have attended the funeral. It was a small gathering with the traditional burial at sea as the final resting place for our dear friend. If you would like to remember Butthead with a simple memorial gift please send it to our address and I will personally see that it gets routed to the proper place. Other news stuff: Hawaii was wonderful, wish you all could have been there, not! I guess that will about a wrap this little sucker up. We both truly do hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and that you can be with your families and friends. So a final Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and get on out of here.

We love ya! – – Doug & Brandie