A quitting clutter look-in. Couldn’t sleep last night (way too much stuff whirling around in the ‘ol melon) so I got up and cleaned out the bathroom drawer that has all my stuff in it I use in the morning. I know, I know, you’re thinking this goes to a whole new level of nuttiness but Gretchen Rubin was right! Having that order and cleanliness (it was a whole raft of gook, everything from Swiss army knives to coozies. Yeah, coozies) made me feel better. I know it sounds crazy, and who knows it could be but I’m telling you, it worked. I threw out almost two WalMart bags of junk and the drawer and the cabinet below it look fantastic. I don’t quite understand it and believe me I know it sounds cracked but give it a try. I can tell you, it quieted my mind, gave me a sense of accomplishment and this morning when I got ready for work there was my uncluttered, orderly drawer, almost like the cleaning fairies came in sometime in the night and cleaned it for me. Now I know I’ve lost it.

And a check up on quitting pop (actually a few). Here’s one from just about a week after quitting: My breakup with pop is going very smoothly. I don’t miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. That habit of having a soda mid-afternoon isn’t something that’s bothered me. I’ve been able to substitute a large bottle of water which is better for me anyway. It looks like the sugar and caffeine didn’t enslave me like I thought.

But only a few short days after that: Looks like that breakup honeymoon is over! I really struggled with this one on a long drive to Kearney last night, especially since I’ve been sleep deprived for days. Several times during the two plus hours out and just a few days later on a long drive back from Montana I was “jonesing” for a soda really badly. Something about being alone and bored I think. I see maybe a little why people that smoke struggle to quit. I guess that’s testament to the power of habit. And, yes, tea stepped into the caffeine void to keep me awake.

And then there was this slip a couple days ago: I’m not Catholic so I don’t know how confessional is supposed to go but I have to confess. I had a coke yesterday. I was doing a farewell tour to fast food (what I’m quitting this coming Thursday) and I bowed to pressure. Now, I told myself it was a scientific experiment. I just wanted to see if after all this time it still tasted good. I was hoping that it would taste overly sweet and wouldn’t appeal to me.

Wrong! The Coke from McDonalds is still like liquid crack. It was delicious! Damn you Coca Cola! I guess I will have to go much longer before I lose my taste for this indulgence. Unfortunately this “test” left me feeling more like an addict than before. Later on yesterday I was the odd man out at a party where there were coolers of ice cold pop. Don’t think I didn’t feel abused but fortunately I stuck to my conviction. It wasn’t easy. Was it worth it? I have to be honest and say the jury’s still out and right now I feel like Henry Fonda battling 12 angry men.


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